Most customers want to be able to find their own info. When it comes to self-service, an IVR system can help. Yet, IVRs is an old style option and often too complicate for a “digital” customer. The way to boost customers satisfaction is to take self-service to the next level with a Visual@IVR.

The reasons to adopt the Digital Pegasus Visual@IVR :Digital Customer Experience accelerator to improve the Company’s image.
The adoption of a Visual IVR improves the image of the company. This will make a “Digital” look much larger than traditional IVRs and can help corporate business stand out with personalized and relevant service experience, maximizing loyalty through differentiated approach.

…Multichannel Visual Interface for a Digital IVR experience

New Hybrid Services
Visual@IVR allows companies to customize the users experience built on Real-Time Decisioning, acting as an enabler of New Hybrid Services. Companies can create a complete service (self-service + assisted-service) with the option of Marketing Banner Channel and massive or one2one Proactive notification channel.

Easier to navigate
Customer doesn’t need to navigate a labyrinth of menus and can choose exactly where they would like to go.

Cost efficiency
Even though Visual@IVRs are a lot more “Digital” than traditional IVRs, the management cost is certainly lower than the cost of a traditional IVR.

Ideal Solution for Smartphone
Most of your customers use smartphones that are the perfect tool for them to navigate a Visual@IVR since it allows to navigate corporate options better than a website.

Increase efficiency and Focused routing
Visual@IVR can route a customer’s interaction to the department they need right away. Enable multimodal collaboration with the agents, achieving shorter time thanks to the use of consistent and detailed information about the customer interaction.

Peak Contacts Management in realtime
Visual@IVR allows companies to monitor how customers are using your system in real-time allowing business to better deploy the right strategy to follow the business requirements.

Omni-Channel Experience
Visual@IVR allows prospects and customers to chose their own experience. They don’t have to be restricted to just a phone call since they have the option to get contacted via voice, email, chat or callback at a more convenient time.