About us

Digital Pegasus is a product of TechneValue GmbH.
TechneValue GmbH is a young dynamic company providing 360° business consulting services, addressing all the needs of enterprises aiming to optimize their performance in today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive market. Leveraging the extensive expertise of its founders and teams of highly skilled independent consultants — all with several years’ experience in various industries at EMEA level — TechneValue offers time- and cost-effective customized solutions without compromising on quality and scope.

We analyze the needs, expectations and concerns of each client to identify, develop and implement complete cutting-edge business and IT solutions. Our key competitive advantage is our Consulting teams’ unique combination of industry knowledge and technical skills, acquired by working with a wide range of large and medium-sized businesses. Their pragmatic mindset and rigorous analytical abilities are an invaluable asset in dealing with our clients’ most complex challenges.

TechneValue’s multinational, multicultural environment and its connections in the EMEA countries offer our customers the opportunity to further develop and promote their business internationally. Our wide range of services and fields of expertise encompasses several technologies and processes, allowing us to identify the best, most innovative business IT solutions to help companies better manage their clientele.