CTI/CRM Plug-in Integration

CTI/CRM plug-in is a custom business logic that integrates a CTI with a CRM to modify or extend the standard behavior of platforms. Plug-ins act as event handlers and are registered to execute on a particular event in CRM.

Some scenarios where plugin is useful:

a) You want to execute some business logic such as updating certain fields of a record or updating related records, etc. eg. when you receive or make a new call.
b) You want to retrieve information from a data source calling an external web service on certain events such as saving or updating a record.
c) You want to automate processes such as sending e-mails to your customers on certain events in CRM.


…fully integrated business Solutions

Digital Pegasus seamlessly integrate your contact centre with existing systems. Modern businesses use multiple tools and systems for different business processes. These tools must work together as well as independently, in case of peak functionality. CTI platforms like the Genesys PureCloud platform let you either keep your data in existing systems or leverage that data in a new system where you have full control of the synchronisation rules.

Powerful syncing
Our simple and intuitive administration interface empowers you to set up and control synchronisation rules. Having a variety of ways to synchronise data and bring external data into PureCloud views for your agents and business users lets you ensure employee profiles, customer details and office locations. This also keeps data accessible and up-to-date.

Every business has unique needs
Our Genesys CRM Plugin makes it easy to tailor your system to meet your specific needs, while building and customizing your solutions. CRM integrations keep customer information ready—giving your agents current and accurate insights into customer accounts, history and preferences that simplify interactions. These integrations can also power automated routing decisions, so that the customers’ time is not wasted with a long list of IVR options.

CRM integrations
Built on top of the common client interface that supports CRM integrations, the embeddable framework makes it easier for technology partners to build integrations. Once built, all integrations pick up new functionalities regardless of which CRM integration you’re using.