Campaign Hub

Marketing your products or services by email or by any other communication channel (like SMS, social media or instant messaging applications) can be a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing ones.

And through automation of marketing campaigns, on the one side companies can instantly send a message to thousands of people at the same time, and on the other side these messages are personalized according to the actions customers have performed on the corporate website or based on users’ personal information, like birthdays.

…An intuitive platform to create more targeted campaigns faster

The Digital Pegasus Campaign Hub supports companies in the creation, set-up, launch and result monitoring of outbound marketing campaigns. This marketing tool automates all the steps of this process, from the selection of the addressees from databases and other sources of information, till the monitoring of general and customer-specific KPIs after the campaign has been launched.

Thanks to the Digital Pegasus Campaign Hub, from a single environment you can select the campaign audiences, set up templates and layouts, choose the channel to launch the campaign and then monitor the results.

– Cross-channel solution

The Digital Pegasus Campaign Hub offers a unique environment, where outbound campaigns on different channels can be launched. Whether you would like to reach your customers on the phone or via e-mail, you can set up the campaign from the same interface and edit its text according to the chosen channel.

– Increase efficiency

Agents don’t need to navigate a lot of systems and learn to use different tools, but they can reach customers on the most suitable channel from just one platform; this allows them to save time that they can devote to other activities.

– Automatic update of queries and data sources

The Digital Pegasus Campaign Hub integrates with your data sources, so it automatically takes into consideration the database updates. This allows the queries (i.e. the requests for data or information from a database) to be automatically updated. So, any minor change in your database content is reflected on your future marketing campaigns.

– Customization

The Digital Pegasus Campaign Hub has been designed to directly integrate with heterogeneous environments, such as corporate CRMs or other systems where your contacts are stored. You won’t need to manually extract addresses or numbers from your systems and manually upload them on your marketing platform any longer, so that you are never going to accidentally lose some contacts and can perform campaign faster.